Instagram and shadowbans

My friend thought that she was shadowbanned coz her posts weren’t appearing on hashtags. It turns out that she was using 2 hashtags that were banned. So even if you are using 20+ hastags, if you use even just 1 banned hashtag, your posts won’t appear in searches.

Could you believe that #depression is banned and #books? Even #romance, #friskyfriday, #sexy, #lust #balls (lol) etc.

If you are active on instagram, I would suggest tapping on your hashtags to make sure that they aren’t banned. Otherwise, you are limiting your posts from being seen my the world. Banned hashtags would look like this:

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Collaboration with Alok Dhuri

It hurts in a place no map leads to.

Even pirates would not find the pearl lost into intricacies of your scars.

Find your way among the hidden sunken ships and dying coral reefs that is my chest.

Unlock those cages where my unspoken words
reside, let them free and feel their existence.

Reduce me not to the barest of words or pronounce me like I were she.

You have come so close, look around, this part of island still carries our
footprints. I’m afraid that your blurred vision might overlook the renaissance.

I am always close to you no matter how far you are. Our memories sleep
at the tip of my tongue, where your name is soft and warm in my mouth.

Collaboration with Alok Dhuri. Check him out in instagram here.