Clementine skies

Once you have seen the world,
wanderlust doesn’t quench easy,
but nobody told me that coming
home would feel like trying to
squeeze a tiger into a birdcage.
And although I miss terribly
the foreign chatter and the
challenges of a new environment,
my heart aches for the soft,
clementine skies of home.

*Clementine skies
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To the girl with fairy dust wings

And when I say I will run,
I do not mean escape. I will
fly on wings made out of fairy
dust and everything I overflow
with. I will disappear around
the curve of the world, far
enough that I won’t be forgotten,
far enough that I won’t be here.
I will be somewhere else, breathing
different air, soaking up new light,
meeting new people, touching new lives..

*For day 5 #theloveletterproject


I want to go to unnamed places,
let my heart unravel across
countries and continents,
through dirt roads and busy
avenues, mountain trails and
highways, shady alleys and
industrialized streets, watching
each new day’s light rise from
the window of my morning flight,
falling asleep in new time zones
very different from my own. There
is no one I would want to get lost
in the world with, b u t y o u.

*As requested by @shriya_vk18 for #bemymuse no. 34