About last night

My cup of joy, your brimming wine
it teased the edge of blissful sins
last week we spent a month or two
just lounging in these gifts of now

I remember you tasting like
last night’s sins, we were drunk
on love and sweet empty promises.
Although my body still aches of
places you called home, this only
happened because it was too dark
for us to tell the difference
between concrete and collarbone.

Instagram and shadowbans

My friend thought that she was shadowbanned coz her posts weren’t appearing on hashtags. It turns out that she was using 2 hashtags that were banned. So even if you are using 20+ hastags, if you use even just 1 banned hashtag, your posts won’t appear in searches.

Could you believe that #depression is banned and #books? Even #romance, #friskyfriday, #sexy, #lust #balls (lol) etc.

If you are active on instagram, I would suggest tapping on your hashtags to make sure that they aren’t banned. Otherwise, you are limiting your posts from being seen my the world. Banned hashtags would look like this:

By the way, if you do frequent instagram, hit me up: @thenotionoflove

Comment your instagram ID and lets connect!

Braids and bonds

I loosely braid my hair and tie off the ends in a calculated attempt at effortlessness. He has a thing for braids, you see, and a thing for women who are effortless, and I have a thing for being the cause of his undoing.

Hold this. Un-cuffed her mind unloosened her heart unlocked her chastity to her belt for I was to twist her middle as much as her braided hair. You the woman so effortless to my craze of heat it makes me exert my energy in my foreplay as my coals heats your fireplace warms the warnings of my doing that I do to you. Now you may let go and swear at your sweat.

Let your fingers explore the tender, hidden places where my pulses ache. Learn the language of my sighs and moans, decimate my body under the tangled sheets. I want you hungry in my arms, with your fingers knotted into my hair like my legs are knotted around your waist.

My fingers slide in then spread to further moisten the cake not to calm it down but to see your face frown from the goodness sake I taste what you make you mix it drip it I won’t waste but increase the volume of the pour and pace I get Full as I fill you up and go deep to your heart beat lain on saturated sheets Hair in my fist legs shaking like an earth quake go to sleep so in our dreams we can do it again when we wake.

Pièce de Résistance

He knows that once he presses his tongue to the seam of my lips, my resistance will crumble. My hands will do his bidding. They will fall down the arch of his back as my head spins., all thoughts stopped in their tracks. Darkness will come and my eyes will fight to stay open, while my legs will fight to stay closed.

How intent your immortal fire make as a god of me among men liquidizing
my mind into developing a seemingly magical process. Stay and transfer my
moans until they become longer whispers as each thrust penetrates. Combine
and deliver us into this volcanic submersion and suppress us into this
forever glowing ash that lites and lights, and let our lightening from
heaven to earth. Shine upon all who dare as we do. Stay.

Collab: Ishan Dafaria Part 1

I looked at your outline lit by the candlelight,
Your eyes filled with roaring timidness.
I pulled you close in a firm grip of passion,
As our breaths collide and lips met in passion.
~ Ishan Dafaria

 You know that once you press your tongue to the
seam of my lips, my hands will do your bidding.
My eyes will fight to stay open,
while my legs will fight to stay closed.