Anti-theft bags, anyone?

So I was at Shopee searching for anti-theft bags, and this was what I saw.

I’m not kidding! Yup! That’s a fanny pack lol.

What is happening to the world?

Tunnel vision

DIAGNOSIS: Tunnel vision. A disease where ones attentions are solely focused on another.

Symptoms will include, but are not limited to: daydreaming, staring, deteriorating health, insomnia, as one focuses on another in the hopes of sharing equal sentiments. This disease is not contagious and not always reciprocated.

Recommendations: It is a foolish human affliction. I would not recommend anyone giving in to it willingly.

Daenerys @ Starbucks

What’s in a name?

With me having a common name like me: Marie – you’d think that the baristas at Starbucks would spell my name right. You’d be surprised!! My name has been spelled as “Murray,” “Maree,” “Mari.” I know right?!?

I saw this image online and found it to be hilarious. If Game of Thrones characters were living in real life, this would be one of their struggles lol.