Inside her sugared walls

He murmured I love you into the soft skin of my inner thigh, his tongue, thick with juices. Exploring the throbbing folds, kissing the sugared walls, his fingers glazed with midnight indulgence.
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Broken vessels

Things I tell myself in the shower:

  • It has to be possible to will yourself to stop wanting someone.
  • Your heart is not broken, that’s stupid, if it were you’d be dead.
  • Nothing hurts, it’s just your imagination.
  • You’re better than this.
  • You will be okay.
  • Be okay.

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Wild heart

Have you ever seen those documentaries on TV about people who have those 200-pound tumors growing out of various parts of their bodies? Since they cannot be contained or cut out, they have no choice but to drag around those gigantic masses anywhere they go, affecting every aspect of their lives. I am one of those people, and my tumor is my heart.

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