I dream of a world where
my happiness takes precedence
over everything else. Where I could
chase my own dreams, travel through
time, and start my own adventures.
In this little world, I could pack
a bag and run, not from fear, but
from excitement! Knowing that
the wide, wide world is at my
fingertips, if I only
reached for it.

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*Travel through time
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Clementine skies

Once you have seen the world,
wanderlust doesn’t quench easy,
but nobody told me that coming
home would feel like trying to
squeeze a tiger into a birdcage.
And although I miss terribly
the foreign chatter and the
challenges of a new environment,
my heart aches for the soft,
clementine skies of home.

*Clementine skies
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To the girl with fairy dust wings

And when I say I will run,
I do not mean escape. I will
fly on wings made out of fairy
dust and everything I overflow
with. I will disappear around
the curve of the world, far
enough that I won’t be forgotten,
far enough that I won’t be here.
I will be somewhere else, breathing
different air, soaking up new light,
meeting new people, touching new lives..

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