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I’m a woman with an old soul. I like the hot sun and the cold rain, the glamour of the city lights, the noise at a crowded bar, the silence of a book shelf. I believe that joy is contagious, love can make people dizzy, and that people are innately good. I’ve had enough of handsome sadists, dim Adonises and brilliant couch potatoes.


This page is for anyone who has loved, lost, or made a fool of themselves, in the name of love.





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I have boundaries until I know I can trust you.

*I posted this photo in Mirakee, a social network that’s very much like instagram, but  allows you to edit your posts and choose backgrounds. I was very surprised to get comments asking me to change the background.  Some guy said I should change it because there are many teens in that community. Then some girl asked me to change it to get more likes and reposts. I mean seriously! Why is everyone focusing on the picture ONLY and not the text? The text talks about boundaries and trust. It amazes me how anyone would still think  that this post is filthy when it’s talking about boundaries and trust.

It’s all about wordplay, like how poetry should. And although the image does give a spicy, saucy connotation, it is not showing any boobs or nipples or vajayjays, just the back side of a woman in lacy underwear. I do not mean to sexualize women, I bet if I used a photo of a man with handcuffs, I’ll get more comments saying its battery or abuse lol. That’s how it is, some people will always jump to conclusions. It’s hilarious how I’m only posting a woman’s behind and yet in some people’s minds, they’ve already had sex and are already lighting a cigarette. Either way, I guess I am doomed haha. Oh well, I am standing by my post. I am not removing it.

There are a lot of good writers in that community and it saddens me that some people treat the community as if they were stupid people not being able to decide on their own. They can report it if they think it needs to be censored. I understand that I can’t please everyone. I am not there to get follows or likes or attention. I am just there to post, to put my writing out there in the world. But if that post gets taken out, I am leaving that community.


To someone who is no longer with you

When I say hey, it’s not just me checking up on you.
Hey meant I missed you. It meant how are you.
It meant how is your heart. It meant how is your smile.
It meant how is your mother. It meant do you still feel hurt.
It meant you can trust me with your woes. It meant I won’t pry,
but I will try to find out if you’re okay or not. It meant my
shoulders are wide enough if you need them. It meant my hands
are calloused but they won’t let go. It meant if you ever
needed to die, I will be your reason not to.

*For day 17 #theloveletterproject

To anyone who is struggling

Let me have my p e a c e.
Let me silently drift off to
the world of dreams. Let my
body, for once, be stubborn
and motionless to touch.
There are so many things in
my mind that I need to unknow,
people in my heart that I need
to unlove. Let me forget that
you exist for a while. I need
to know that there are still
places in me that can still heal.

*For Day 16 #theloveletterproject