I won’t apologize

I’ve met too many boys who loved my surface, but feared my depth. I’m a crazy, chaotic maelstrom of laughter, warmth and happiness, sadness and nostalgia. I’m a hurricane of colors, feelings and words, twisted and intertwined in one sweep of existence. I’ve accepted my complexity and I won’t apologize for it.

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Ascending Voice

Finally received my contest win from Simi Fromen’s book giveway!! Thanks so much!! Looking forward and sooooo excited to read it. Go ahead and check out her new book “Ascending Voice,” link in Simi Fromen’s bio in instagram. Available in paperback and kindle.


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Daenerys @ Starbucks

With me having a common name: Marie – you’d think that the baristas at Starbucks would spell my name right. You’d be surprised!! My name has been spelled as “Murray,” “Maree,” “Mari.” I know right?!?

I saw this image online and found it to be hilarious. If Game of Thrones characters were living in real life, this would be one of their struggles lol.