What do you really want?

I want everything. All of it. Without conditions and without compromise. I want it loud and I want it fast. I want it hard .I want it to consume me, to drown me, to lift me up and to let me fly. I want to be awed by it, repulsed by it, tested by it and challenged by it. I want everything. No limits, no questions, no guilt, no regrets.

I just want to be happy.


You tell me to meet you half way,
but not one step in my direction.
You tell me how desperately you
want me, but you don’t extend your
arms to pull me close. You say you
can’t live without me, but you live
beyond the ocean, beyond what my
eyes can behold. You say I am always
in your mind, but I share that space
with the hundred reasons why I am
not by your side. You plead with me
not to forget you, but I swear
I’ll keep trying till I do.