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You will never realize, you are losing someone, it's very slow process, hours changes to days, days changes to months, and months changes to year. And he never came back. Then you feel that you had lost him. Earlier it was "this person, he is my life, he is my inspiration, he took my hand … Continue reading Lose

Slow down 

Slow down darling,  Only you know the wounds  Only you know how it hurts  Slow down  Let them think you're done  Let them think you're off Slow down  Only you know the depths Only you know the heights  Slow down  You know the love  You know the hate  Slow down darling  Let it heal  Let … Continue reading Slow down 


Why do you say that he broke you? You let him influence you. You let him change you. You let your guards down. You threw away your masks. You let him in, more or less. And when he left? It destroyed you. Who gave him the control to do that to you? You. Then how can you … Continue reading Broken

There is nothing romantic about a love that used to be, a love that happened, and then ended, just like everything else in the world. People often romanticize tragedy, like the kiss that almost was, the "maybe" that could have been but will remain a "what if" forever. There is nothing beautiful about something that once … Continue reading Tragedy


Endings and beginnings

The ocean knows my heartache, it understands how it is to barely touch, before drifting back to the other, the separation and the infinite back and forth of fleeting clandestine moments, the daily endings and beginnings, the torture of converging but never being able to stay.