I forgive you

I forgive you for not knowing the way to me.
I forgive every map that led you to someone else’s arms.

Sometimes, we get disappointed when we are not loved the way we want to be loved. Some people want the whole nine yards like flowers, gifts; while some people are content just with your presence. Remember that people have different loving styles, some are showy, some are not.

For me personally, I appreciate effort.

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My chest is a coffin for every secret I am choosing to keep. I am burying them six feet beneath my heartbeat, grinding them into the earth until it erodes into nothingness, like that could make them any less true.

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I am a body in rebellion.
I am the emergency brake, the
oil light, the low battery flickering.
I am your signal to slow the fuck down.
I am laughter too loud and flaming
cheeks after midday whispers
and 4am confessions.
I am restless nights and
frosting on your fingers.
I am kisses and bites that bloom
like petaled fascinations.
I am every cut dressed prettily
and every healed battle wound.

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Old wounds

I don’t know how much
longer I can sleep in a bed
where the left side is cold.
But every night, I follow you down
the path to my dreams, where my
heart feels whole once more.
And as time pulls me back
to the morning light,
I watch these old wounds
bleed all over again.
If tears were balms,
I would’ve healed by now,
and I could finally give you a name.
I would call you my downfall,
my regret, my love.

*Inspired by the prompts:
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