I want you to plunge into the messy chaos
of my sheets, buried in your own breath,
clawing your way out with my name on
your lips. I want to burn in the oppressive
heat of your body, your fingers knotted into
my hair like I am knotted around your waist.
I want you unzipped in front of me, peeling
away every layer of every other girl you’ve
ever been with, until only my fingerprints
litter your skin. I want you unraveling at
the edges and melting into my palms.

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Good news

I want to be the sort of scripture that
you are not afraid to call Good News.
I’d like to be the verses that
sink through your blood stream
and anchor themselves to your pulses
when you are unsure of this world.

I don’t want you to worship the
frayed binding of my spine, but
I want to be the reason you believe
in something bigger than the parables
etched in my skin like hymns.

The background music is the intro of the song 🎶 Hamari Adhuri Kahani 💔
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Why do we always long for
the things that would lead us
to complete destruction?
The way I am craving for you.
My skin misses the messy scrawl
of your touch. My muscles ache
with need. I want to feel you in
the mornings and taste you in
the night, my soul years for
yours. I am craving for you.

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As you let the pounding water in the shower drown your thoughts of me, I hope you know that I can still feel the soft burnt traces you have left on my skin. That moment when our lips were in a fiery dance as we exchanged hot, ragged breaths of swirling air – you have set my soul on fire.