Old wounds

I don’t know how much
longer I can sleep in a bed
where the left side is cold.
But every night, I follow you down
the path to my dreams, where my
heart feels whole once more.
And as time pulls me back
to the morning light,
I watch these old wounds
bleed all over again.
If tears were balms,
I would’ve healed by now,
and I could finally give you a name.
I would call you my downfall,
my regret, my love.

*Inspired by the prompts:
Bleeding edge
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Bleeding heart
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Wild things

The minute our hands
brushed, I know he has
woken the wolf in my heart.
Half tender, half wild, the
way devotion and adventure
are always intertwined. We
would love and leave, yet
hunger for more, we would
wander and roam, but he
is my steadfast home.

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The ache that doesn’t go away

In my mind, I like to think of him
as “lost,” because his body is not in
my bed. I know, I know, it doesn’t
work that way. The memories
of him don’t fade in the way
consolations like to tell us –
“he is always there, in your heart.”
Because good god, it is a burden
to know that he lingers, when
I would rather lose my body too,
if it meant it did not ache for him.

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Also for things you want to say to an ex
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August Unfiltered

In lieu of my upcoming book, I’ve decided to start the writing challenge August Unfiltered. The aim is to come up with pieces that bares your soul, using the prompts provided. I’ve included some of my favorite words, and some poetry forms to keep your creative juices flowing.
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Bleeding lies

Tell me again how you
are all jagged edges and
shattered glass, squeezing
every ounce of my fire,
bleeding lies and refracting
light, beautiful to look at
but impossible to trust.

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Tell me again
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Bleeding lies
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X marks the spot

His fingers crept into the sweet,
subtle places where my pulses ached.
We were learning a new language of
sighs and moans. My body was his
treasure map, as he followed every
dotted scar around the planes of my back,
searched in between hidden folds and
moistened crevice, until X marked the spot.
Eager and breathless were our hands and our hearts.

For #julyfalls18 hosted by @breath_words_and @a_sea_of_words_