I talk too much when I’m with him.
At night, in bed, I say things I might not say
if we were clothed and my fingers were not
laced through his and the sun was hovering
over my shoulder and casting a harsh light
on my words.

Here in the dark, where we two comprise
the entirety of the universe, where everything
seems right and eviternity seems possible,
I think too little and I talk too much.

For  #bemymuse 3, as requested by @maespoetry

Art from the amazing gallery of @maria_uve_,

Eviternity –  ARCHAIC•LITERARY – eternal existence; everlasting duration. (google)


You have twisted yourself around
me, entangled in fingers, in words,
in limbs, in sheets. We don’t have
the greatest luck on our side,
but I promise, I will keep loving
you like this. Wear my words, like
a vow like a promise on your skin,
I will keep loving you like this.

*For #wildwondrouswords #febwwwchallenge hosted by @cc_writes
Background art by @monaa_mf

Good news

I want to be the sort of scripture that
you are not afraid to call Good News.
I’d like to be the verses that
sink through your blood stream
and anchor themselves to your pulses
when you are unsure of this world.

I don’t want you to worship the
frayed binding of my spine, but
I want to be the reason you believe
in something bigger than the parables
etched in my skin like hymns.

The background music is the intro of the song 🎶 Hamari Adhuri Kahani 💔
Background artwork from the amazing gallery of @tanyashatseva, no copyright infringement intended

365 Wonders

I wake up with at least 1000 words
in my head every day. About half
of them disappear down the drain
when I shower. I play with the other
half like a set of legos, mentally
constructing and deconstructing,
until I make something I like.
Those are the words I write down.
On good days, I call the remaining words poetry.
On bad days, I call them shit.
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