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When I tell you to be gentle,
it is as much a command
as when I tell you to be savage.
It is loyalty and surrender,
trusting that you wont hurt me so much
trusting that you wont love me too little.

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What we have

What we have is a love that will burn the earth from the inside out, hot and thorough, passionate and unrelenting, with no chance of any of us leaving us unscathed.

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I know, someday, you will forget the poetry I left on your lips, but the next woman you love – she will taste this. While you tuck my name, soft and warm, under your tongue, she will ask you to spit it out. You will tell her tales of your heroism and compassion, as you plot my rot and ruin. But she will see the beauty in my madness. She will hear my giggle in your dreams. She will feel my memory on your fingertips. She will know I am a ghost that won’t ever stop haunting.