I want to know
what midday confessions
you won’t whisper through
phone lines, but might confide
to the curve of my neck. Just
like the time when you unraveled
Orion on my back and the universe
fit in our bed, when we came undone
and allowed ourselves to be loved.

*Midday confessions
For #mayfalls18 hosted by @breath_words_ and @a_sea_of_words_

(Though I used it as be loved, sorry✌️)
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You convince yourself
your ready to love again.
So you find someone else
who makes you feel. But
why do you go running
back to him the instant
you realize that you feel
deep enough for it to hurt?

*For Our Poetry Journey Contest


Like a dance, we will barter
the role of predator and prey,
trading surrender in abundance
like gold under our tongues, as if
it has been a year of drought in
our mouths. Make room for tongues
and teeth, whispers and kisses, the
sighs and sounds we make are the
kind that poets write ciphers about,
the art of worship and war cries.

*For Our Poetry Journey Contest

Clementine skies

Once you have seen the world,
wanderlust doesn’t quench easy,
but nobody told me that coming
home would feel like trying to
squeeze a tiger into a birdcage.
And although I miss terribly
the foreign chatter and the
challenges of a new environment,
my heart aches for the soft,
clementine skies of home.

*Clementine skies
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For © Our Poetry Journey Contest

Connect the dots

We play connect the dots,
drawing lines between
the freckles on our skin,
the questions and the answers,
this day and the next.
That’s the thing about getting this close.
The line where you end and I begin
confusingly blurred a long time ago.
You can go as deep into the desert
and leave me as far away in the ocean
as you like, but you took me with you
and you stayed behind.
That’s the way this works.

*For #cherryisamaybaby hosted by @__got2haveit


Everyday, I pretend
I came out of the morning mist
and the sea, like a s i r e n.
Denying my future and ignoring
my past are the only ways I know
to keep breathing, because if I stop
to think about either, I’ll suffocate
on the helplessness of all of it.

That’s how it is with l o v e.
It makes you cling to the past and
reach forward, while you savor every
inhale/exhale/synapse of the moment.

For #cherryisamaybaby hosted by the gorgeous @__got2haveit

*Lost in the moment
For May Musings hosted by @psych786angel #psychangelmay18

You are not her

When you look at the mirror,
do you see a woman who screamed at
you, beat you up, took everything you
loved in the name of teaching a lesson?
Do you see a woman who taught you about
mercy and how you didn’t deserve it?
Do you see a woman who slammed doors
to you when you had nightmares?
Do you see a woman who saw every flaw
in you that you learned to hate your body?
Do you see a woman who hid the router
when you found out there were people
in the world who felt alone as you did?
Do you see a woman who found your
poems in the wrong place at the wrong
time so they all end up crumpled at
the bottom of a wastebasket?
Do you see a woman who was never
contented with your achievements?
When your friends tell you
“you’ll make a great mom,”
is this the woman that you see?
When you look in the mirror and
you see her blood in your veins,
this is the thing you must unlearn:
you are not her.

*Did you know that the most popular holiday in the US is Mother’s Day? I was thinking it was Christmas, but I was wrong. The world may not always love in Jesus, but they love in their mothers 🙂

I did not grow up with my mom because she was working abroad, but I was blessed with a lot of mother figures around me who showered me with unconditional love. This is for all the women who did not celebrate Mother’s Day.