Resilient heart

Look at how long this heart
can hold its breath. No kind
of pain can suffocate it.
It is so resilient, so strong,
stronger than my mind and
the grasp I have on any soft
thing that’s left inside of me.

*For May Musings hosted by @psych786angel


Come home

On those days when you’re feeling
like a suitcase that’s between
here and lost, think of me as
the tag on the handle reminding
you that when you feel too heavy,
you will always have a place in
my heart to return home to.

I am afraid

I am afraid that you will keep trying to open me up
only to find out what haunts me nightly.
I am afraid that you will only see how
I am composed of just trivial things like bones and muscle,
blood and sinew. I am afraid that you will wear out my heart
every time you make it beat beat beat
ninety six times every sixty seconds
when you’re around.
I am afraid.