What’s your poison?

Tonight, the bartender asked me “what’s your poison?”,
and I wanted to respond with your name.
But the truth is, they have yet to learn
how to bottle love, how to create a drug
that’s potent enough to mimic the intoxicating
addiction of another person’s heart,
beating in time with yours.

So I will settle for a bottle of tequila for now,
and a hangover strong enough to help me forget
selected memories, even if only for a night.

#bemymuse 10 & 11
Time as requested by @michelle_robinson_writer
Memories as requested by @saifizzm


Through clenched teeth and failing knees,
my soul resiliently hums a symphony of hope.
I know my heart will heal,
fear will loosen its icicle claws.
But for now, each keystroke soothes and
revives the tender ears of my forlorn heart,
as it listens to the tune of a humble song
that calloused feet keep pressing on.

Catching up on #bemymuse requests:
Resilience- for @anviejezette
Forlorn – for @lovelylogophile
Symphony- for @maxwelldpoetry


My chest is a coffin for every secret I am choosing to keep. I am burying them six feet beneath my heartbeat, grinding them into the earth until it erodes into nothingness, like that could make them any less true.

For #augustfalls hosted by @breath_words_ and @a_sea_of_words_

Art from @fridacastelli, no copyright infringement intended


The kisses you gave me were
promises you didn’t mean.
There I was, like a Thespian,
pretending your kisses can
give me wings, but truly they
were a metal case, clamping
over my heart and lungs. Teach
me how to breathe through my
skin. I don’t ever want to
use my lips again.

*Thespian – For © Our Poetry Journey Contest

I am afraid

I am afraid that you will keep trying to open me up
only to find out what haunts me nightly.
I am afraid that you will only see how
I am composed of just trivial things like bones and muscle,
blood and sinew. I am afraid that you will wear out my heart
every time you make it beat beat beat
ninety six times every sixty seconds
when you’re around.
I am afraid.