Reach for your dreams!

Do not be afraid to chart a course for the edge of the world, because sometimes, that is what it takes to find your own strength. The moon and stars may change with the seasons, but that wicked wind in your chest will never stop pointing you to where you are meant to go.

Wicked winds – for #septemberfalls18hosted by @breath_words_ and @a_sea_of_words_

Change – for #ourpoetryjourneysep18
Autumn Awakening

Reach for the stars

I know for a fact that the loneliest kite is the one who snapped her string to sail the skies. Do not be afraid to soar across undiscovered skies where dreams are born and all our stories unwritten and untold c o l l i d e.


Let’s make some scars.
Let’s tear our skins apart
until we can no longer relate
to what we see in the mirror.
Let’s rebel. Let’s rip ourselves
to pieces until there is nothing
left of us but wounds and bruises
hope and dreams. Let’s crack the
night sky open like we cracked
the bones out of our bodies.
The horizon may be endless,
but it’s not invincible. We are.