Healing the ache

It has taken me this long to realize
that my body has a hard enough time
healing itself without me breaking it
to completion. Yet my instinct is still
to throw my stupid heart under moving
trains, never satisfied to let leaving
things go without tearing me apart.

I have made a sport out of confusing the chronology of discovering you, forgiving you, anticipating you, and forgetting you. I have to accept the fact that it’s over, and it’s time to stop dragging your shadow like a carcass around my shoulders, thinking you’re still with me, when you’re just a living memory. Still attached, umbilical.

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Clementine skies

Once you have seen the world,
wanderlust doesn’t quench easy,
but nobody told me that coming
home would feel like trying to
squeeze a tiger into a birdcage.
And although I miss terribly
the foreign chatter and the
challenges of a new environment,
my heart aches for the soft,
clementine skies of home.

*Clementine skies
For #mayfalls18 hosted by @breath_words_ and @a_sea_of_words_

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