You’d be surprised how often the
synapses in my brain connect in
arching, looping patterns, how
often I start poems with the
intent of writing for to you.

I think you imagine my heartbeat
relentlessly preoccupied with
the movings of the world and not
about the way my fingertips and
your skin melt together. My lips
and hips don’t travel to the same
places my words do. But if you take
time to read me, you will realize
every love letter is for you.

*For © Our Poetry Journey Contest

Kissing is an art

it is a seduction of souls; a slow,
melting attraction that starts at
our lips and coils steadily downward,
until our knees forget their purpose.

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Like a dance, we will barter
the role of predator and prey,
trading surrender in abundance
like gold under our tongues, as if
it has been a year of drought in
our mouths. Make room for tongues
and teeth, whispers and kisses, the
sighs and sounds we make are the
kind that poets write ciphers about,
the art of worship and war cries.

*For Our Poetry Journey Contest

Clementine skies

Once you have seen the world,
wanderlust doesn’t quench easy,
but nobody told me that coming
home would feel like trying to
squeeze a tiger into a birdcage.
And although I miss terribly
the foreign chatter and the
challenges of a new environment,
my heart aches for the soft,
clementine skies of home.

*Clementine skies
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