Every time you smile,

you slip stars under

my skin and galaxies

bloom like gardens,

and I can hear the

sound of something

other than space.

Smiles and sunrises

On some days,
when the fog and the sun and the wind dance just so,
you’ll see flickers of gold through cracks in the clouds,
like fine knife cuts, like the stories I carved into my arms
as a teenager, quiet and symmetrical, violent and beautiful,
as if holding their breath, until light finally bursts in a slow,
blinding yellow ripple along the horizon. And on those days,
if you forget the roles you play, and the promises you broke,
and the lovers you left waiting, if you let yourself be small
and breakable and infinite for one second,
you will be able to see the sunrise smile.

I hope you are never too busy to watch the sunrise smile.

#bemymuse 32 33 – Clouds as requested by, beautiful as requested by @lonpoetry


You were unexpected, uncalculated, unintended, unplanned..

I didn’t expect that I was gonna fall for you, but it was 4am and we were laughing too hard.. I didn’t expect that I was gonna hang on to your every word, as if your voice was dry land & I was drowning in the way you spoke. I didn’t expect that I was gonna become a slave to your laugh, the way your radiant smile can show your humbling modesty and mischievous curiosity. No, I didn’t expect this at all.