That moment in the dark when
you miss the last step on the
staircase, when you catch the
breath in your throat and your
body stiffens and prepares to fall..
that is how it feels when
I hear your name.


Honestly, you don’t have to take me anywhere. You don’t have to buy me anything. You don’t have to do any of those cliche rituals that people think are required of them when they are in a relationship. You just have to see me. Take the time. Care enough to peel back my layers and scale my walls. That’s all I really want. I can buy my own flowers.

He tells me he’s not a writer as he
explains his struggle to find the
right words to express his love for
me. Behind his every cliché line and
overused metaphors, I know there is
something so precious between us
that language itself can’t name.
So I treasure every word he gives
me like they are pieces of himself,
because goddamit, at least he tries.

  • For Day 15: Endeavors, #ourpoetryjourneydec17

Why do we always long for
the things that would lead us
to complete destruction?
The way I am craving for you.
My skin misses the messy scrawl
of your touch. My muscles ache
with need. I want to feel you in
the mornings and taste you in
the night, my soul years for
yours. I am craving for you.

Day 24, #naughtynovembernoir, hosted by @elle12368, @bluelotus.kamikazeheart, @__got2haveit, @wild.cherry69xo and moi

I would open my mouth against yours
and swallow your fears whole. I would
support you and keep you from falling.
I would stay closer to you than your
arms could reach. I would build a home
for you with soft things. I would make
you forget what lonely feels like. I would
make you forget what empty feels like.
I would make you forget.

I let out frustrated sighs,
defeated gasps as I recall
your fingers with my own.
I whisper to no one
”Come home.”

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