If my heart belongs to you, so do my tears.

I can’t say that I miss you,
it’s impossible to miss someone
who was never present to begin
with. Maybe it’s the possibility
of you that I miss,
the possibility of us.

I’ve held onto the concept of an “us” for so long that I’ve begun to lose my grip. That’s the thing about intangibles, you can’t really hold onto them, at least not for very long. They seep through the spaces between your fingers eventually, like vapor. Maybe it’s the holding on that I miss. It was all I ever had, after all.

*For Day 7 of #illogicalvalentinechallenge hosted by #illogicalpoemworld

Imagine being content enough to dream.

When you’ve been hurt so much, sometimes you stop hoping, you stop making plans, you stop dreaming, you just move on with life one day at a time. I hope you realize that you don’t need another person to make you feel worthy to be alive. Your main reason should be YOU, because you exist, because you are capable of many things, because you yourself can make things happen.
*For Day 3, #illogicalvalentinechallenge hosted by @illogicalpoemworld

Honestly, you don’t have to take me anywhere. You don’t have to buy me anything. You don’t have to do any of those cliche rituals that people think are required of them when they are in a relationship. You just have to see me. Take the time. Care enough to peel back my layers and scale my walls. That’s all I really want. I can buy my own flowers.