The world of freelancing

I am a nurse by profession. if you live in the Philippines like me, I am one of the hundreds of thousands of nurses not working as a nurse. You’d ask, if you graduated as a nurse, and passed the board exam, then why are you jobless? Well I’ve been asking that myself for a while now.

Don’t get me wrong, there is no shortage of hospitals in the Philippines, the shortage is in the jobs. And what’s so ironic is to get a decent nursing job in the Philippines, you have to sign in as a volunteer first, most frequently at least a year, yes a year of free work for the hospital! And then they would think of considering you.

And to make things worse, hospitals make money out of it! It’s illegal actually. But there are a lot of hospitals who accept “volunteers” for a “fee” but then after a year or more, they leave with an employee certificate indicating that you have worked there as a regular employee. I guess that’s how the world works.

Which brings me to freelancing. It started as a part time job which I took care of my sick grandmother. After she died, I was depressed for a while. I stayed mostly at home, didn’t want to go out to the world. But since I needed money for sustenance, of course, I went full time in to freelancing. I signed up at and had different jobs. I was even offered very weird jobs. There was this guy who wanted me to watch him get naked on cam, with the guy trying to convince me that it was a “psychology project” and that I needed to help him overcome his “shyness”. I know, right?

Freelancing opened a world I never thought I would dabble in to. I learned a lot about computers and websites and the online world. Now I can create my own website from scratch. I also work with a guy who trades stocks, but I can never seem to get the hang of all the terminology. It would be really cool if I learned all that, right? I dunno, it seems so hard to comprehend with no financial background from my end.

Another client promised me a contract with flexible hours, so I decided I would be able to volunteer at hospitals during the day so I can earn that work experience as a nurse, and then freelance in the evening. Sadly, that client bailed out on me, and I was left with nothing. This is one of the disadvantages of freelancing, no job security.

Right now, I am working as support for an online shopping website. It’s not my dream job, but the work is ok, the hours are fine, and most of all, it doesn’t stress me. It will do, for now.

So when people ask me what I do and I tell them that I work from home, they give me that “oh-you’re-just-at-home” look. Bitch I earn more than you  😛