You are safe

Let my collarbone be your confessional.
Leave your d e m o n s here.
I will cradle them between my shoulder blades.
Let the bed be sweat-stained, fear-stained,
sin-stained, and shaking for the hundred and one
reasons you never had the courage to name.
I will drink the venom of your tragedy and turn it
into spring water in our throats. You are safe.

I have been so disconnected with IG lately. I’m so terribly sorry. I’ve never felt so overwhelmed with my life. From adjusting to a new job just a few months ago, to moving and finding another job while thinking, gosh will this job hunting ever end, I’m too old for this! And then finally finding one along with the prospect of a new love, then evaluating it if it’s really for me, but then deciding I deserve better things so I had to give up the job along with the guy 💔 sigh I know.

I read somewhere that we can have everything! Just not at the same time. It’s been a roller coaster so far! But I believe in timing and in my capabilities.

I’m thankful that I was patient and courageous enough to wait for what I deserve. I’ve finally found the job that I’m happy with.

As for love, well, that will come eventually. I’m not waiting, nor am I looking – what will be 🎶 will be.

For #bemymuse 27, as requested by @cairageous.

Here comes the sun

It has been twelve hours since
my caution melted and I moved
from curling my fingers around
your hand to tracing your features.
Unzip the subtle freckled lines on
my flesh. I swear my heartbeat is
not as cold as my fingertips. You
can wrap your arms around my
winter bones. Let me feel your
hot breath against the notch on
my spine. I will arch my back and
you will smile and whisper how I
taste like summer. And I’ll laugh
as I tell you how you’ve burned me
like the sun. If sin was what we
conquered here, then I swear,
no hell had ever burned so sweet.

*For #sizzlingsummersins hosted by the fiercely, feisty, passionate, crazy and lovable Daughters of Nin: