Believe me when I say I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep. Every time I think of telling you I want you for your bad days and your good, I flinch back into myself, saying nothing.

I am so afraid of finding out I’m not strong enough to hold the both of us.

But believe me too, when I say I love you.

And that means trust me, I will try anyway.

*For #ourpoetryjourneyjul18

To the person who wants to change the world:

I wish that I could offer you more than a promise that I
will always be in your corner. I wish that I could give you
more than open arms and I love you’s and 3 am phone calls.
I wish that I could offer you more than a hand to hold when
nowhere feels like home. And even if I’m not always the
body you collapse into, I’ll keep reminding you –
I will always have faith in you, I will always be with you
through every storm you brave, I’ll be right with you.

*For day 2 of #theloveletterproject