The ache that doesn’t go away

In my mind, I like to think of him
as “lost,” because his body is not in
my bed. I know, I know, it doesn’t
work that way. The memories
of him don’t fade in the way
consolations like to tell us –
“he is always there, in your heart.”
Because good god, it is a burden
to know that he lingers, when
I would rather lose my body too,
if it meant it did not ache for him.

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World traveler

I explore his erogenous zones
like a deft explorer charting my own
personal map, shamelessly unfolding
the mysteries of his body, saving to memory
every unheard grunt and moan to be
revisited when my wanderlust strikes.
I am a world traveler, and he is my world.

What will your epitaph say?

Here lies Marie –
a warrior, woman, wanderer.
She died hoping there was still enough
magic left in the universe to make words
reach light years and constellations,
the way suns of other galaxies shine
long after they die, telling the story
of one ancient star who once had a
dalliance with words until it was
finally her time to journey to the
slow, glimmering brevity of sunsets.

*Prompt: Here lies… / Dalliance for #augunfiltered

August Unfiltered

In lieu of my upcoming book, I’ve decided to start the writing challenge August Unfiltered. The aim is to come up with pieces that bares your soul, using the prompts provided. I’ve included some of my favorite words, and some poetry forms to keep your creative juices flowing.
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Book coming 🔜

Bad habits

They say it takes 21 days
to break a bad habit, yet
here I am, on day 202, my
mind and my heart are still
convinced that I need you.
202 days since I told you to
stay away from me, and I’ve
regretted it every single day.
202 accounts of whiplash,
of missing you like oxygen.
202 days of wishing I’ve never
had you. Then I wouldn’t be
reminded of you every time
I touch someone else.

What are you currently reading?

We write because we feel alone.
We read to know we are not.
- anonymous

I was so lucky to be able to find a book that contains a collection of Charles Bukowski’s writings about love.

How bout you? What are you currently reading?

If you have any book recommendations, I would love to know about them please.

A living memory

I have made a sport out of confusing
the chronology of discovering you,
forgiving you, anticipating you,
and forgetting you. I have to accept
the fact that it’s over, and it’s time to
stop dragging your shadow like a
carcass around my shoulders,
thinking you’re still with me,
when you’re just a living memory,
still attached, umbilical.