For a moment

Before morning comes to steal
the night we spent together,
I hug you closer, tighter, hoping
that time slows down to accommodate
our moments of quiet contentment.

But you were staring at the ceiling
and holding your breath. I know
what’s about to happen. I hate that
I do, but you say it anyway:
“You know how badly I want to be
with you, but I’m with her, this
can’t go on, this isn’t real.”

How nice it must be that you can
turn me into a ghost, how nice
it must be to dictate reality,
but you’re wrong. I am very real.
And so were we, for a moment.


Self-inflicted apocalypse

Here you are, my tragedy.
Your lips tasting of blood and
gasoline, I know you’re not sorry.
You are destined to be my next great
catastrophe. So come to me and we
shall embark on this inevitable
destruction. My tragedy. My destiny.
My self-inflicted apocalypse.

*Inevitable destruction- For #junefalls18hosted by @breath_words_ and @a_sea_of_words_.

Writing on the sand

Remember how you found me
sitting on the beach, fingers
stinging from punching the keys
on my laptop, as I alternately
type and delete.. type and delete..
as if the keys were stuck, but it was
really just simply writer’s block.
“I’m all out of words,” I told you.
Y o u s m i l e d.
And with your hand over my hand,
you taught me how to write in the sand.

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I dream of a world where
my happiness takes precedence
over everything else. Where I could
chase my own dreams, travel through
time, and start my own adventures.
In this little world, I could pack
a bag and run, not from fear, but
from excitement! Knowing that
the wide, wide world is at my
fingertips, if I only
reached for it.

For #juneinspiration hosted by the lovely @alura_inspires and I.

*Travel through time
For #junefalls18 hosted by @breath_words_ and @a_sea_of_words_

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There is I love you in silence

And when I say hello,
what I mean is come back.
And when I say how are you,
it’s just my mouth making a
mess of the words “I miss you.”
And when I say I’m sorry, what
I mean is show me the handle
and I will help you carry it.
And when I say nothing,
when all I can do is listen,
when all I can do is breathe,
that’s when I mean I love you.

*I need you to breathe.
For #junefalls18 hosted by @breath_words_ and @a_sea_of_words_

Petaled fascinations

His hands are rough. This might have been from carrying the weight of the world for so long or gripping at the ropes too tightly.

And yet, he is gentle in the way he smooths over the expanse of my arms. He calms my rage that have formed into fists, and he waits until he finds the opportunity to pry them open, the way a rose blooms, and he sinks his flesh into the thorns in between the spaces of my fingers.

He kisses my scars and heals them until they are merely purple blossoms like petaled fascinations.

Moonlight glow

Most men lay me down gently,
my head on pillows, kisses soft
and tender. You put bruises on
my knees as we crashed to the
floor, a tangle of messy sheets,
hardwood and moonlight glow.
Most men fuck me like they’re
afraid to break me, but you
fuck me like you’re trying to.

*For #sizzlingsummersins, hosted by the fiercely, feisty, passionate, crazy and lovable Daughters of Nin: