Pièce de Résistance

He knows that once he presses his tongue to the seam of my lips, my resistance will crumble. My hands will do his bidding. They will fall down the arch of his back as my head spins., all thoughts stopped in their tracks. Darkness will come and my eyes will fight to stay open, while my legs will fight to stay closed.

How intent your immortal fire make as a god of me among men liquidizing
my mind into developing a seemingly magical process. Stay and transfer my
moans until they become longer whispers as each thrust penetrates. Combine
and deliver us into this volcanic submersion and suppress us into this
forever glowing ash that lites and lights, and let our lightening from
heaven to earth. Shine upon all who dare as we do. Stay.


Anything for you

I can offer you my hand,
my impatient tentacles that will graze your thighs. Let them find us gasping in bathroom stalls and buses with our fingers sticky with greed, with eyes that see only dark corners and opportunity as we rendezvous on lover’s lane.
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He was all logic and feigned cool detachment until our skins touched. At my grant of access, his tongue delved into my mouth. My arms reached up and tangled around his neck, while his fingers traced my spine, pulling me closer until there was no space between us. He tried to be gentle with my clothing, but his strong rough hands were not made for tiny clasps.