Lust and Passion

I explore his erogenous zones
like a deft explorer charting my own
personal map, shamelessly unfolding
the mysteries of his body, saving to memory
every unheard grunt and moan to be
revisited when wanderlust strikes.
I am a world traveler, and he is my world.

 For Day 4 & 6, Our Poetry Journey Contest
Lust | Love | Hurting | Healing

I love him anyway

He is not home. He is a five star luxury hotel with a host of amenities and beautiful views. He is a comfortable place to rest my head, a lovely respite from routine.

He is the illusion of forgetting everything pressing at the moment, except listening to the ins and outs of our breaths and the swish-swoosh of our limbs rearranging themselves under European cotton.
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