Everywhere I Go

I heard this first while watching the most recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Absolutely in love with this. The original version is by Lissie, this version is by Sleeping At Last.

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The man who pumped my gas today sang softly to
himself in Hindi. I think he was singing to the ache
in the place where winds used to blow, east past the
highway that cuts his small town in two.

I know how it feels, how distance cleaves
the syllables of home in half, the way my
tail lights must look like the setting sun,
falling asleep over the wrong ocean.

*Music: Mi Mancherai


Tagged by @areadingwriter for #sundaysongsharing. I wrote about the song Intertwined by Dodie Clark

Burrowed deep underneath
the layers of blankets,
to the right of my pillow,
your hand grasps mine.
Fingertips and palms,
yours in mine, like an almost
fading memory coming alive,
tracing and clutching,
and always entwined,
looking at each other
with stars in our eyes
and regrets in our smiles.

Download 13 Reasons Why Songs

This is probably one of my most favorite series ever. At first I thought I might not enjoy it, it being probably teeny-bopper themed, but I was wrong. And although no matter how I prayed (lol I know) that Hannah didn’t kill herself, I understood that it was an integral part of where the story revolves in the first place.

I really wish that more teens would watch this series. It’s sensitive and very timely, in a world where fitting in gets harder everyday. It reminds me of my highschool years. I was happy, I was with good friends who were both engrossed in school, as well as friendship. We were actually doing well in school, and slaying the social scene. We were like popular nerds, if you will lol. Well, enough about me.

The music selection is as beautiful and as intuitive as the series. Listen to a few of my favorites:

NOTE: If you want to download the mp3s, you can just right-click on the title of the song and then save to your device.

Download Half Girlfriend Songs

I’ve always believed that when it comes to music, you don’t really need to understand the words, you just need to feel it. So yeah, I do not understand Hindi. But when I first heard Baarish, which is the first track in this playlist, it tugged at my heart strings.

Hoping I’d be able to find a copy of the movie with english subtitles. Soon!

If you want to download the mp3s, you can just right-click on the title of the song and then save to your device.