When was the last time you wrote a  love letter? In today’s world where everything is digital, people no longer write letters. People no longer take the time to pick a card or actually write, everything is just tap-tap-swipe-swipe.

That’s why I thought of coming up with a writing challenge! I was able to come up with 30 prompts for every day in March as inspiration on who to write to. Make a difference by writing a letter 1 day at a time. No writing prowess needed, just love and honesty, pen and paper.
✔There is no limit on the length or style.
✔Favorites will be posted in my story daily.
✔Don’t forget to tag me @thenotionoflove and use the hashtag #theloveletterproject.

Favorites will be reposted daily.

You may or may not mail these letters at the end of the challenge. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to reading your letters!