I suppose it had to come to this.
We do this awkward cyber dance,
sending the occasional email or
text, digital Im-thinking-of-you’s,
when all we really want is to hear
each other’s laugh, touch each
other’s skin, and kiss each other’s
lips like it was yesterday,
like you meant forever
and not a goodbye.

I’m no filler

There are days when I feel like I am a filler for everything,
I am just a way to pass time. I know this because when we talk,
we don’t ponder on the meaning of life, you don’t ask about
what makes me happy, or what makes me sad,
you don’t even know how I feel at this very moment.
My feelings are insignificant coz they don’t impact you.
We live in a world where being alone is a terrifying concept.
I don’t blame you if you hold on to anyone who’s willing to
stay beside you and listen to you. Even as you read this,
my words are filling your time. But when this poem is done,
I will leave, and you will need someone new to
occupy the empty spaces inside and beside you.