I know there are days when
you feel that the only things
holding yourself together are
duct tape and super glue and
old episodes of bad sitcoms.
It is okay to leave pieces of yourself
buried between the couch cushions.
They will still be there to dig out
and brush off and spit-shine
in a week, when you’re ready
to be put together and perfect.
It is okay to want to slip from your
skin and assess the shards inside.
It is okay to simply leave them be
for a while.

Broken vessels

Things I tell myself in the shower:

  • It has to be possible to will yourself to stop wanting someone.
  • Your heart is not broken, that’s stupid, if it were you’d be dead.
  • Nothing hurts, it’s just your imagination.
  • You’re better than this.
  • You will be okay.
  • Be okay.

*For Day 9, #novembernotes hosted by @thesarahdoughty @areadingwriter and @mah.writes


Why do you say that he broke you?
You let him influence you. You let him change you.
You let your guards down. You threw away your masks.
You let him in, more or less. And when he left? It destroyed you.
Who gave him the control to do that to you? You.
Then how can you still say that he broke you, love?