Why is my iPhone consuming so much data?

So after using the Oppo F7 for a few months, I’ve decided to go back to using an iPhone. And since I just moved, with my internet provider moving sluggishly slow in moving my service, I don’t have internet yet #3rdworldprobs. I know, I know! The lady at PLDT told me that it would take a month just for my area to get surveyed sigh.

Thankful that my area has good LTE signal, I use my phone’s mobile internet as a  spot so that I can still fulfill my freelancing tasks.

However, upon switching back to iPhone, I was surprised at how much data it eats up! When I was still using my android + laptop + job-related surfing and the usual social media trolling, I consume around 1 gig in 3 days. As soon as I went online using my iPhone, it hasn’t even been 15 mins yet, and I already got an alert that my 1 gig subscription has been consumed! Unbelievable!

After scouring the internet for solutions, I found out that just turning off the background app refresh does the trick. Whew.

I still hate you iPhone.


Just moved

It was a tiring day but upon passing by this place on my way home, I must say, I feel a bit better. 

I am not new to this place, I studied here, got married, worked, studied again, until my grandmother got sick and I had to move to the plains to take care of her. With the house being so old, after the recent typhoon, there was a short circuit and something exploded. I was terrified. Majority of the house was made of wood, I was scared the house might be on fire while I’m sleeping.

So I’ve moved back. This is how it looks at night ❤

Note: credit to image owner, the photo is not mine


I’m not the type who takes a lot of selfies.
Today, he took a hundred horrible pictures
of me, and said he loved each one. I could feel
that he meant it. Is this how it is to h e a l ?
Unlearning panic and believing when
a person says they won’t leave you,
having the courage to trust. Again.
I just have to learn to stop
being scared of saying that.

#bemymuse 5, as requested by @abdulkadiir_mb

I want you all the time

My fingertips yearn for the hard and the soft
of you. My mouth waters for the sweet, salty
taste of your lips. I am forever longing for
the burn of your kisses against my skin,
for the way you fit against me, inside me.
I am half crazed from wanting you.

Come home.

For © Our Poetry Journey Contest #ourpoetryjourneyaug18

First love

Whenever I want to remember a time
when love was simpler, I think of you.

When love didn’t mean getting undressed or
doing drugs, when love was as simple as you
walking me home, with my hand in yours, and
you kiss me on the porch as we bid goodbye.

I have loved a handful of men after you.

But I find myself trying to remember
the exact color of your eyes and
what it felt like to be pure again.

For  #bemymuse 2, as requested by @physical_mentality


I thought of you today.
For what we were,
and what we weren’t,
for what we could have been
and what we could never be,
for what you changed in me
and for what will never change.
I cried because I knew you
and because I only knew
certain parts of you,
because I loved you and
never got the chance to.

For  #bemymuse 1, as requested by @mylostmuse


I talk too much when I’m with him.
At night, in bed, I say things I might not say
if we were clothed and my fingers were not
laced through his and the sun was hovering
over my shoulder and casting a harsh light
on my words.

Here in the dark, where we two comprise
the entirety of the universe, where everything
seems right and eviternity seems possible,
I think too little and I talk too much.

For  #bemymuse 3, as requested by @maespoetry

Art from the amazing gallery of @maria_uve_,

Eviternity –  ARCHAIC•LITERARY – eternal existence; everlasting duration. (google)