A living memory

I have made a sport out of confusing
the chronology of discovering you,
forgiving you, anticipating you,
and forgetting you. I have to accept
the fact that it’s over, and it’s time to
stop dragging your shadow like a
carcass around my shoulders,
thinking you’re still with me,
when you’re just a living memory,
still attached, umbilical.


Always choose happiness

I am afraid of finding out that what
we have is just another carousel ride.
That the ride will end and I’ll get back
to writing poems about losing things.
I am a f r a i d yes.
But less than I was before.
Because I know that
what we have is a choice.
And we chose to be happy,
we don’t need to quantify that.
We just need to BE happy,
and I am, with you.

Evolve and unfold

I remember one of our conversations,
you told me, with beer in hand,
that no one really changes.
At that time, I agreed with you,
because I was bitter over some guy
I have forgiven way too many times.
But now I am sober and my bitterness
has washed way, and I believe, with
all my heart, that people can change.
Every day is a chance to do better.
I know I am not the same last year,
last month or 5 seconds ago.
You don’t have to abandon your
past, but stop living in it.
Allow yourself to e v o l v e.
Let people blossom and u n f o l d.
The universe is anything but predictable.

Bleeding lies

Tell me again how you
are all jagged edges and
shattered glass, squeezing
every ounce of my fire,
bleeding lies and refracting
light, beautiful to look at
but impossible to trust.

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Tell me again
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Bleeding lies
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X marks the spot

His fingers crept into the sweet,
subtle places where my pulses ached.
We were learning a new language of
sighs and moans. My body was his
treasure map, as he followed every
dotted scar around the planes of my back,
searched in between hidden folds and
moistened crevice, until X marked the spot.
Eager and breathless were our hands and our hearts.

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