Stitches on my wounds

I w r i t e because
I don’t know how to stitch.
There has to be something
that can keep my wounds
from ripping open, to keep
my heart and lungs from
flying right out of my chest
and being open for the
whole world to corrupt.
It doesn’t make the pain
go away, but it gives me
a reason to keep going.

*For #VibesOfJuly18 hosted by @enchanting_infinities.


Time bomb

We realize that this strange
chemistry is a ticking time
bomb. Being with you is a
form of chosen helplessness,
to surrender my soul, caught in
the paradoxes of madness and
delight, unsure whether I would
stay, turn left or erupt. But
this is why we kiss anyway,
in spite of, because of,
and without regard to.

*Strange chemistry
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Caught in paradoxes
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Turn left
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Another take on Madness
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Cloaked in fancy paint

I asked the gorgeous girl
behind the counter at the mall
to give me a new face.

She did a lovely job masking the
flaws of my skin and drawing out
my features in pink and ivory gleam,
turning me into someone who turns
heads. But even she couldn’t blot and
blend the heartache from my face.

For #artlixirpoetrychallenge hosted by @artlixirpoetry.

Self-inflicted apocalypse

Here you are, my tragedy.
Your lips tasting of blood and
gasoline, I know you’re not sorry.
You are destined to be my next great
catastrophe. So come to me and we
shall embark on this inevitable
destruction. My tragedy. My destiny.
My self-inflicted apocalypse.

*Inevitable destruction- For #junefalls18hosted by @breath_words_ and @a_sea_of_words_.

Writing on the sand

Remember how you found me
sitting on the beach, fingers
stinging from punching the keys
on my laptop, as I alternately
type and delete.. type and delete..
as if the keys were stuck, but it was
really just simply writer’s block.
“I’m all out of words,” I told you.
Y o u s m i l e d.
And with your hand over my hand,
you taught me how to write in the sand.

*For #sizzlingsummersins, hosted by the fiercely, feisty, passionate, crazy and lovable Daughters of Nin:


I dream of a world where
my happiness takes precedence
over everything else. Where I could
chase my own dreams, travel through
time, and start my own adventures.
In this little world, I could pack
a bag and run, not from fear, but
from excitement! Knowing that
the wide, wide world is at my
fingertips, if I only
reached for it.

For #juneinspiration hosted by the lovely @alura_inspires and I.

*Travel through time
For #junefalls18 hosted by @breath_words_ and @a_sea_of_words_

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