I don’t get mad when his eyes are too tired
to text me back anymore. I am thankful
I can be there to lull him to sleep when
life is too exhausting to persevere.

*For day 4 Our Poetry Journey April 2018


To someone who is no longer with you

When I say hey, it’s not just me checking up on you.
Hey meant I missed you. It meant how are you.
It meant how is your heart. It meant how is your smile.
It meant how is your mother. It meant do you still feel hurt.
It meant you can trust me with your woes. It meant I won’t pry,
but I will try to find out if you’re okay or not. It meant my
shoulders are wide enough if you need them. It meant my hands
are calloused but they won’t let go. It meant if you ever
needed to die, I will be your reason not to.

*For day 17 #theloveletterproject

To anyone who is struggling

Let me have my p e a c e.
Let me silently drift off to
the world of dreams. Let my
body, for once, be stubborn
and motionless to touch.
There are so many things in
my mind that I need to unknow,
people in my heart that I need
to unlove. Let me forget that
you exist for a while. I need
to know that there are still
places in me that can still heal.

*For Day 16 #theloveletterproject

To the boy across the ocean

The ocean knows my heartache,
it understands how it is to barely
touch, before drifting back to the
other, the separation and the
infinite back and forth of
fleeting clandestine moments,
the daily endings and beginnings,
the torture of converging
but never being able to stay.

*For day 14 #theloveletterproject

To the girl apologizing for her beauty

Let me tell you about a girl
and how summer lives together
with love in every part of her.
She is madness, no, she is sanity.
Then you blink and suddenly,
she is clarity.

I have seen way too many girls
willing to sell their souls for a
beauty that already belonged to them.

*For Day 11 #theloveletterproject

To that petson who has lost everything:

At midnight, with shovel in hand, I dig unmarked graves and bury the dead in my bed sheets, I mourn for all the places I cannot exist, I mourn for all the fractures that can never heal, and all the pieces of myself I can never get back.

On good days, upon waking, I feel renewed, my soul stitched back together amidst the ugly phantoms in my head.

*For Day 10, #theloveletterproject