Lost and found

I don’t need a map,
I came to you with no compass, no course.
But here in the dark, where we two comprise Continue reading “Lost and found”


Collab with Piyush Sharma

Her eyes like deep blue ocean
Ignites me up with a strange sensation

Her soul, as vast and powerful as the ocean,
is also as gentle as saltwater kissing the shore.

She touched the soul bound in me
Chained me to her want in need.

Hold me inside your wildest thoughts, your darkest,
desires, underneath the weight of all your need.

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Your callous desire of love burned
and rot me like a demonic angel
made me very vicious when
someone lay a finger on you
When the time of regret
I saw in their eyes
“How ruthless your love made me”
before the death tear them apart.

↭ ↭ ↭ ↭ ↭
Your love was made of fire and ash,
greedy for blood in love’s battlefield.
Maybe that’s how I’m destined to die.
Do not call me greedy if all I want
is more and more of you on me. I’d
forsake everything in this messed-up
world in exchange of another minute,
another hour, with you.

Collab: Ishan Dafaria Part 3

The fire in our souls lighting our eyes, the glistening bodies just writhing, at the zenith of pleasure that couldn’t be described. Personifying the lust, it was a passion that was never experienced, it was a love that was never experienced.
~ Ishan Dafaria
I can still feel the soft burnt traces you have left on my skin. Our bodies lay tangled, consumed and collapsed in a pile of burnt rubble and ash. I will always be filled with this weight of longing for you, I will always be filled with the guiltiest hunger of wanting you.

Collab: Ishan Dafaria Part 2

I’ll hold your hands above your head,
Your back against the wall.
Lust clouding the senses, winning the fight,
Tongues and bodies entwining without the sense of wrong or right.
~ Ishan Dafaria
While your fingertips delicately traced the curve of my spine, undressing my softness, one petal at a time, the fire that is your tongue finds the dampness between my thighs. Each moan and short breath adding fuel to the flaming alchemy between our loins.

Collab: Ishan Dafaria Part 1

I looked at your outline lit by the candlelight,
Your eyes filled with roaring timidness.
I pulled you close in a firm grip of passion,
As our breaths collide and lips met in passion.
~ Ishan Dafaria

 You know that once you press your tongue to the
seam of my lips, my hands will do your bidding.
My eyes will fight to stay open,
while my legs will fight to stay closed.

Collaboration with Alok Dhuri

It hurts in a place no map leads to.

Even pirates would not find the pearl lost into intricacies of your scars.

Find your way among the hidden sunken ships and dying coral reefs that is my chest.

Unlock those cages where my unspoken words
reside, let them free and feel their existence.

Reduce me not to the barest of words or pronounce me like I were she.

You have come so close, look around, this part of island still carries our
footprints. I’m afraid that your blurred vision might overlook the renaissance.

I am always close to you no matter how far you are. Our memories sleep
at the tip of my tongue, where your name is soft and warm in my mouth.

Collaboration with Alok Dhuri. Check him out in instagram here.


I always had a different feeling about the waves that come back to the shore. And now I know why people part ways, only to get back together when it’s needed.

#collab with Scribbled Walls. Check her out in instagram: @scribbled_walls

In the end, it all comes down to the waves surging through our veins, this pull that’s neither magnetic or gravitational, moving us closer together.