Why is my iPhone consuming so much data?

So after using the Oppo F7 for a few months, I’ve decided to go back to using an iPhone. And since I just moved, with my internet provider moving sluggishly slow in moving my service, I don’t have internet yet #3rdworldprobs. I know, I know! The lady at PLDT told me that it would take a month just for my area to get surveyed sigh.

Thankful that my area has good LTE signal, I use my phone’s mobile internet as a  spot so that I can still fulfill my freelancing tasks.

However, upon switching back to iPhone, I was surprised at how much data it eats up! When I was still using my android + laptop + job-related surfing and the usual social media trolling, I consume around 1 gig in 3 days. As soon as I went online using my iPhone, it hasn’t even been 15 mins yet, and I already got an alert that my 1 gig subscription has been consumed! Unbelievable!

After scouring the internet for solutions, I found out that just turning off the background app refresh does the trick. Whew.

I still hate you iPhone.


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