Dear Crush..!

Dear Crush,

I am not in rush,

But still, I wanna ask..

Do you wanna drink coffee with me, or long walk ?

“Sorry I can’t, I have to avoid coffee, because of my medicines”. She replied quietly and my hope dies,

But my heart don’t want to give up,

So again, I hook up,

Okay what about milk or cold drink?
I asked her, without let my eyes blink,

“Well I don’t like milk, And cold drink is banned for me, And even No fast food, 

 And she add, This all for only my good”, 

Well this time mind get screwed.

But you know my heart, pumped,

Her name, to mind, and again I ask,

Oh so..! what about long walk….!

Its good for health too,

But if you want too,

Me and she, filled with silence,

Love is testing my allegiance,

After all she said, “I will go,

And about when, I will let you know”.

Naturally half broken.

Dear Crush,
I am not in rush,

But please don’t take long,

I will wait for you, and sparrows will chirping the song,

My affection for you, 

That I crave for you,

And I  will die longing for you.

Dear Crush,

Its you who, make me blush,

Let it be, as it is, I am not in rush,

Dear Crush..!


This one for you..! 



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