There are many people we met in a life time,
but there will be only who clicks like a sudden magic,
whose everything affects you the way,
they are all yours,
A right to know everything about,
A Right to know what is going on with them,
And that right is not just a right to get information about them,
it is the care we do for someone,
even before the care of own,
they started becoming our priority,
priority to talk ,
priority to take care of,
there family started feeling to be like our own family,
caring for them also,
as much as we care of our own family,
their happiness makes us happy
their troubles and tensions shakes our life as much their life got disturbed,
they started occupying some space in our prayers too,
prayer just to see them safe and healthy always,
And then by all these things,
suddenly they became our LIFE❤


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